Lab manager position for a lifespan developmental lab

I’m looking for a lab manager to start this spring/summer.

Link to the job post:!Controller?action=jobs_webui.show_page&page=jobs_detail&requisition_id=201804098864&profile_id=&module=jobs <>

Lab description: The Cognitive Agility across the Lifespan via Learning and Attention (CALLA) Lab at the University of California, Riverside is seeking a full-time Laboratory Assistant to begin in Spring/Summer 2018. The lab uses EEG, MRI, eye-tracking, and behavioral techniques to study learning and visual attention in infants, children, young adults, and older adults. Because this Laboratory Assistant will help conduct, analyze, and write up research, this position is ideal for those interested in pursuing a PhD in developmental cognitive neuroscience or related fields.

One particularly time intensive (but rewarding!) project that this person would help with is a learning intervention with older adults.

Salary: $32,656 – $37,835

Please forward to any potential candidates and have them apply through the link. They could also send me an email after submitting to double check that their application went through.