Lab manager, Communication and Learning Lab at U Chicago

The Communication and Learning Lab, directed by Dr. Daniel Yurovsky at the University of Chicago, seeks a full-time lab manager beginning July 2018. The lab manager will work closely with the PI and other researchers in the lab on empirical and computational analyses investigating how children and their parents co-construct early language learning. The lab manager will have opportunities for scientific involvement in conference presentations and journal articles.
Required qualifications:
– a bachelor’s degree (psychology, cognitive science, or a related discipline preferred)
– one or more years of research experience (experience with children or infants preferred)
Preferred qualifications:
– excellent organizational and communication skills
– proficient programming skills, ideally in R, Python, or MATLAB
– experience with web design in JavaScript/HTML/CSS
– working knowledge of image and/or video design and editing (e.g. in Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut)