Lab Manager position in the Saxe Lab, MIT

Job Description:

LABORATORY MANAGER, Brain and Cognitive Sciences-Social Cognition Neuroscience Lab, to be responsible for administrative tasks including maintaining the lab’s website, review board protocols, financial records, and participant database; recruitment and outreach; and assisting with data collection. The position involves interacting with parents, children, and the broader community. Administrative responsibilities include communicating with MIT Institutional Review Board about research protocols; maintaining and updating protocols; maintaining financial records; communication with PI and fiscal officer(s) about finances; expense reporting (local and travel); database management; organizing lab meetings and trips, including planning and expenses. Recruitment and outreach includes recruiting prospective participants via posters, social media and in-person events; corresponding with parents/caregivers; relationship building through newsletters and social media; maintaining databases; and website management. Coordinating and assisting fMRI and fNIRs studies of infants, children, and
adults includes reserving testing space, equipment, and parking; scheduling research personnel; assisting with data collection; meeting participants on arrival, communicating about the study, and collecting informed consent/assent; assisting participants with fMRI or fNIRS equipment; running the study protocol; and debriefing. Taking an active role in all stages of the research will be encouraged, including initiating independent research projects; participating in lab activities, reading groups, and research seminars; and taking relevant courses at MIT. It is typically held for two years as a transition to graduate study.

Job Requirements:
REQUIRED: bachelor’s degree; interest in cognitive science, neuroscience, and/or cognitive development; initiative; flexibility; ability to develop and maintain complex organizational systems and work in a fast-paced and changing environment; comfort interacting with children, parents, undergraduate students, and community members; and self-motivation. Experience with programming, social media/website development, or cognitive neuroscience research a plus. Job #15758

Must be flexible enough to change hours, including evenings and weekends.
To apply, please visit: