PhD at Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences

Applications are currently being accepted for fully funded multidisciplinary PhD training in Complex Systems & Brain Sciences ( Florida Atlantic University. Students will be trained to perform cutting-edge brain research that combines neuro-behavioral and cognitive experiments, laboratory neurobiology, medical imaging, and computational/theoretical modeling. Research projects will focus on approaches to understanding the brain as a complex dynamical system, with possible concentrations in areas such as cognitive, developmental, social, and systems neuroscience, neurorobotics, molecular and cellular neurobiology, and neuronal regeneration.

Individuals with undergraduate degrees in any pertinent discipline are invited to apply. Two routes are available to enter the PhD program: the Graduate Neuroscience Training Program ( or directly into the core program from the Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences ( Applicants should review both tracks to determine which one best suits their interests. Students may also submit applications to both tracks.

Application deadline for the Graduate Neuroscience Training Program: December 11, 2017

Application deadline for the core PhD program in Complex Systems & Brain Sciences: January 15, 2018