PhD position in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Applications are invited for a funded full-time PhD Studentship based in the Psychology Division at the University of Stirling. The studentship holder will join a research team, led by Dr Eva Rafetseder, Professor Yee Lee Shing (external supervisor) and Dr Sobanawartiny Wijeakumar, funded by the University of Stirling and co-funded by the Jacobs Foundation.

The studentship will examine effects of early schooling on children’s cognitive control and its related changes in the brain. Our recent work showed that, due to increased demands on sustained attention, one year of being in the first-grade leads to specific changes in children, namely improved cognitive control, and an increase in the activation of right posterior parietal cortex, a brain region important for sustained attention. This studentship aims to tackle the following research questions:

1) To what extent do schooling-specific neurocognitive changes predict academic outcomes over time?

2) Are there predictors of schooling-specific neurocognitive changes, stemming from individual characteristics to socioeconomic background of the child?

3) Do late schoolers, due to being older when entering school, show larger schooling-specific neural changes compared to early schoolers?

More information and the link to apply can be found here:

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