Duke Dev Psych. PhD

The program in developmental psychology at Duke University’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is now accepting applications for PhD fellowships beginning in the fall of 2017. The departmental website has all of the relevant information; details about applying and our five training areas are found here.

Core members of the Developmental group (faculty pages here) include:

Steven Asher, Professor. Peer relations, loneliness, and the development of social competence.
Elika Bergelson, Assistant Professor. Children’s early linguistic and cognitive development.

Avshalom Caspi, Edward M. Arnett Professor. Behavioral genetics and children’s personality development.

Harris Cooper, Hugo L. Blomquist Professor. Research methods and ethics; social and developmental psychology applied to education. 
Margarita Svetlova, Research Assistant Professor. Children’s prosocial development.
Martha Putallaz, Professor. Mutual influences of parents & peers on development; gifted children’s peer relations & longterm outcomes

Michael TomaselloJames  F. Bonk Professor. Children’s cooperation, communication, and social cognition in comparative perspective.

Makeba Wilbourn, Associate Professor of the Practice. Children’s gesture and language development from a sociocultural perspective.
There are also in the department a number of other scholars in the social and clinical programs, as well as other departments, who are focused on one or another aspect of development and related topics, e.g. Dr. Martha Putallaz, Dr. Ken Dodge (current SRCD president), and Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard.
We additionally offer a cross-institutional certificate (with UNC-CH) and consortium program (with 6 Carolina universities). 
Duke is also home to the Duke Autism Center (directed by Geraldine Dawson) and the Center for Child and Family Policy (directed by Dr. Linda Burton).
Our group puts a strong focus on rigorous research and supportive mentorship.  

The deadline for applying is December 1, 2017.