Tulane University Ph.D. program in Developmental Science

Doctoral Program in Psychology: Developmental Science Tulane University, New Orleans, LA The Department of Psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA invites applications for Fall 2018 for its doctoral program in Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Science. Students receive full-tuition waivers and graduate stipends throughout the academic year. Opportunities for summer support are also available. The application deadline is December 1st, 2017. The Department of Psychology at Tulane is home to a vibrant community of developmental scholars who study children from infancy through adolescence and focus on cognitive, motor, perceptual and socialemotional development in laboratory and the diverse neighborhood and school settings of New Orleans. State-of-the-art research facilities enable students to address research questions at behavioral and neural levels. The Department of Psychology also provides doctoral coursework and training in Behavioral Neuroscience, School Psychology (APA approved program) and Social Psychology. Cross-cutting interdisciplinary research opportunities exist as well through the: Tulane Brain Institute(http://www2.tulane.edu/brain/) Tulane Educational Research Alliance (http://educationresearchalliancenola.org), Tulane Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Research Laboratory (http://www2.tulane.edu/som/bangl/index.cfm) Tulane Computer Science Department (http://www2.tulane.edu/sse/cs).

The application deadline for Fall 2018 admission to the program in Developmental Science is December 1st, 2017. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact potential faculty mentors in Developmental Science at Tulane to discuss research interests. For more information about the Department of Psychology at Tulane and its doctoral program in Developmental Science, please go to: http://www2.tulane.edu/sse/psyc/academics/graduate/phd-programs/

Core faculty members in Developmental Science:

Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., Professor (mcunnin1@tulane.edu): Adolescent development, resilience & vulnerability, academic achievement, gender roles, African American populations

Jeffrey J. Lockman, Ph.D., Professor (lockman@tulane.edu): Perceptionaction development, early cognitive development, spatial cognition, tool use

Julie Markant, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (jmarkant@tulane.edu): Attention-memory interactions, brain development

Affiliated faculty members in Developmental Science:

Courtney N. Baker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (cbaker@tulane.edu): Early childhood development, mental health, aggression and violence prevention, trauma-informed care, dissemination and implementation science, and community-based participatory research

Sarah A. O. Gray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (sgray4@tulane.edu): Early childhood social-emotional development, stress and trauma, parenting.

Bonnie K. Nastasi, Ph.D., Professor (bnastasi@tulane.edu): School—based mental health programming; child rights; mixed methods research

Stacy Overstreet, Ph.D., Professor and Chair (soverst@tulane.edu): Stress and trauma, resilience, school-based mental health